Well, looks like some designer is trying to put a subtle reference here ;)

(Note that the original link is geo-blocked to certain countries, it will most likely not work for you: https://www.facebook.com/coca-cola/photos/a.99394368305.88399.40796308305/10153178028038306/ but I can assure that this is real)

Rainbow rocking 8|

Ponyhoof v1.771

Ponyhoof v1.771 is now available, featuring Coco Pommel and Flash Sentry! Go to http://jointheherd.little.my and grab the exciting stuff!


  • Revamped Twilight Sparkle’s theme a bit
  • Added notification sounds for Discord and Nightmare Moon


  • Some extra stuff for Pinkie Pie, Babs Seed, Nurse Redheart, Soarin’ and Thunderlane
  • You can now adjust the volume of chat sounds (for a technical explanation of the implementation, see https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=701150246594024)


  • Better support for the new news feed design


  • There will be a counter next to Ponyhoof Options if there is a new pending update


  • Fixed some bugs related to the chat sounds option
  • The “Always use Ponyhoof in English” option is now hidden for users on English
  • Removed old code related to Facebook Messenger for Windows and Firefox
  • Performance and text ponification improvements

Once again, you can update immediately by going to http://jointheherd.little.my

Plus, if you use Ponyhoof on Google Chrome, then be sure to leave a review for Ponyhoof on the Chrome Web Store, that’ll be fantastic! image

(image source: Coco Pommel and Flash Sentry)

You're doing a fabulous job. Keep it up!



The first thing I saw on tumblr today was this: 


So I did it too and every time I look at my laptop I get super excited! ^_^

P.S Can somepony please make a free mlp tumblr theme?

P.P.S The extension to change your Facebook is called PonyHoof and its available on the Chrome Web Store.

Pinkie, pinkie everywhere!

We would like to welcome these vector artists to our Ponyhoof Vector Squad! They’re going to help us produce vectors and reach both niche and new ponies without a lot of existing art. Get ready for more ponies!

Woo hoo! Ponyhoof is now two years old! Time sure flies…

We would like to thank our loyal users for their support, we wouldn’t be here without you! /)

You might have heard that Facebook is rolling out yet another news feed redesign, possibly to make their ads bigger and piss off more ponies.

Well, all I can say is that Ponyhoof works just fine with the new design, we’ll ready when you are :)

Fluttershy neck extension ;p

(thanks Xileer for submitting!)