She’s back! :O

We received this review at the Chrome Web Store a few days ago…

Since silly Google doesn’t let developers reply to reviews, we’ll just reply here :D

Ponyhoof v1.821

Maud Pie

It’s been some time since our last Ponyhoof update, so we’ll glad to release this mega bug-fix update!

Also, Maud Pie is now available to choose in Ponyhoof, wee! :D

Browser Ponies has also been updated, which adds many new ponies from season 4 and more!

Browser Ponies

  • New stuff for Coco Pommel and Spike.

  • Fixed an issue where notification sounds would play for every notification even if you set it not to play on certain types of notifications
  • Fixed text ponification issues on nuzzles, ticker and page admin notifications
  • Fixed an issue that the login screen is not shown properly
  • Fixed an issue where opening Ponyhoof Options would not close the account menu as it used to
  • Fixed an issue where notification sound preview wasn’t working

  • You can now access Ponyhoof Options at the Ponyhoof page, on the left sidebar and the top-right options button. It’s meant to be used in severe breaking situations, which we hope won’t happen

  • Sharing Ponyhoof through Ponyhoof Options now shares an image instead of just the page
  • You can now mute sounds for “page post is performing better” notification
  • Ponyhoof now detects conflicting extensions, e.g. other Facebook colorizer extensions, which you shouldn’t be running at the same time anyway
  • Firefox version 21+ is now required for new installs of Ponyhoof
  • Other tweaks and fixes so you can continue pony pony

If you have any issues/questions, please private message us or leave a comment.

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(Top Maud Pie image:

When Photoshop goes horribly wrong…

Do you want pony stickers for your chat messages, even on mobile? Let’s suggest them! :D


I swear that ponyhoof thing on facebook. Every time i get poked it says i’ve been nuzzled and i can’t help but think of someone nuzzling my pony oc’s


Ponyhoof v1.811

Pinkie Pie reading a note

Ponyhoof v1.811 is now available to fix some breaking derp-iculties! Get that fresh update feeling at !

Since this is a last minute update, there aren’t any new ponies or appearances to play with, sorry :(

  • Fix an issue that Firefox users may see the welcome screen saying that their browser configuration is not supported. This is a known issue with Scriptish and Firefox 30, and unfortunately, Scriptish doesn’t work properly with Firefox 30. The solution is to remove Ponyhoof and reinstall the new Firefox addon we have built.
  • Fix future Greasemonkey compatibility (User script writers: this may also affect you, see )
  • Opera users (not the old Opera) need to uninstall Ponyhoof and reinstall in order to retrieve new Ponyhoof updates. This is caused by Chrome Web Store policy changes and we are forced to do this.
  • Chrome version 31+ is now required due to Chrome Web Store requirements

As for other more fun enhancements:

  • Daring Do’s alternate name (A.K. Yearling) now appears

  • You can run Ponyhoof on other website Facebook comments (like on Cheezburger)

  • Fix an issue where notification sounds on Opera on Mac won’t work
  • Some text ponification enhancements

If you have any issues/questions, please private message us or leave a comment.

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(Top Pinkie Pie image:


Pinkie Pie: "Getting real sick of your shit, Derpy."



The Ponyhoof aka MLP modified Facebook is MINE