Ponyhoof v1.761

Ponyhoof v1.761 is now available as a maintenance/polishing release to keep things running smoothly! Open Ponyhoof Options or go to http://jointheherd.little.my to grab the update!

You can now select Cadance on her Canterlot Wedding dress.


There is also some polishing done for Cadance, Queen Chrysalis and Soarin’.

image image image

  • Derpy Hooves is also known as Ditzy Doo
  • There is a new install flow for Chrome users, if you already have Ponyhoof installed, then this won’t affect you
  • On Chrome, when Ponyhoof gets updated/disabled, it may pop up an annoying “Cannot play sound” error. That was annoying if you had multiple tabs opened, now it has improved so it will not show up
  • Browser Ponies load faster and more secure for all browsers (Except the Greasemonkey/Scriptish version)
  • Some improvements for Taiwan/中文(台灣) users


  • Fix scrollbar not showing up properly when opening Ponyhoof Options
  • Fix pokes yet again
  • Fix more text ponification-related stuff
  • Fix some bugs for old browsers
  • General bug fixes for stuff that FB keeps breaking again and again…


I did it!
I zebrified my facebook profile *squee*

Luckily with Ponyhoof, you could feel like a pony ;)


Well those who have Ponyhoof

Disguise successful :)

Ponyhoof v1.751 is now available, featuring Sunset Shimmer! Teleport to http://jointheherd.little.my to grab the latest stuff!

Next, we have the Grand Galloping Gala and Canterlot Wedding dresses! Unfortunately, Applejack and Fluttershy don’t appear in their Gala dresses as we couldn’t find good images of them just in time, but perhaps in the future!

Also, are you an enthusiastic vector artist? We are looking for new applicants! Check the details: http://archive-alicorn.deviantart.com/journal/Attn-Vector-Artists-Ponyhoof-Wants-You-432380389

  • New image on Page Not Found screens

  • The “Characters to randomize” option at Ponyhoof Options > Misc is poorly understood by a majority of people, so this option has been relocated to the General section and only shows up if you choose “(Random)” to make it more obvious
  • Browser Ponies now load faster and more secure (Chrome only for now due to time constraints for testing, this will be rolled out to other browsers in future versions of Ponyhoof)
  • Disabled the notification sounds feature for Opera 12 and Safari 5, it didn’t worked properly anyway
  • Fixed a visual bug where ponies appear twice at the right of news feed
  • Fixed a bug where you cannot scroll down the language selector at the login page
  • Fixed some text ponification bugs, because obviously FB has to change and break something every day :P

If you have a bug/issue to report, then please post to our page or private message us.



I don’t think you people realise how amazing Ponyhoof is, you should all download it now.

We would like to wish Happy Chinese New Year to our Chinese fans :D

Fun fact: It’s the Year of the Horse :O
Or ponies…? :)

Those reaction faces.