I swear that ponyhoof thing on facebook. Every time i get poked it says i’ve been nuzzled and i can’t help but think of someone nuzzling my pony oc’s


Ponyhoof v1.811

Pinkie Pie reading a note

Ponyhoof v1.811 is now available to fix some breaking derp-iculties! Get that fresh update feeling at !

Since this is a last minute update, there aren’t any new ponies or appearances to play with, sorry :(

  • Fix an issue that Firefox users may see the welcome screen saying that their browser configuration is not supported. This is a known issue with Scriptish and Firefox 30, and unfortunately, Scriptish doesn’t work properly with Firefox 30. The solution is to remove Ponyhoof and reinstall the new Firefox addon we have built.
  • Fix future Greasemonkey compatibility (User script writers: this may also affect you, see )
  • Opera users (not the old Opera) need to uninstall Ponyhoof and reinstall in order to retrieve new Ponyhoof updates. This is caused by Chrome Web Store policy changes and we are forced to do this.
  • Chrome version 31+ is now required due to Chrome Web Store requirements

As for other more fun enhancements:

  • Daring Do’s alternate name (A.K. Yearling) now appears

  • You can run Ponyhoof on other website Facebook comments (like on Cheezburger)

  • Fix an issue where notification sounds on Opera on Mac won’t work
  • Some text ponification enhancements

If you have any issues/questions, please private message us or leave a comment.

Be sure to brohoof our page so you won’t miss any future news!

(Top Pinkie Pie image:


Pinkie Pie: "Getting real sick of your shit, Derpy."



The Ponyhoof aka MLP modified Facebook is MINE





Ponyhoof v1.801

Ponyhoof v1.801 is now available! It’s probably one of our biggest updates ever!

  • Introducing Pipsqueak, with his Nightmare Night appearance available too!


  • Ponyhoof Options got a major visual refresh!

    Ponyhoof Options

  • The new pony selector shows portrait images of the ponies, categories, an always-on-top search box and combines the separate Random feature into one menu

    The pony selector menu

  • Ponyhoof now checks and prompts you if your computer clock is wrong, which may cause Ponyhoof to stop working

    Error message

  • Soarin’ has a proper new cutie mark

    Soarin's cutie mark

  • New Wonderbolt Academy appearance for Spitfire


  • Revamped the cutie mark/friend requests icon for Bon Bon and Diamond Tiara
  • Adjusted background transparency for Derpy Hooves and Octavia
  • Fixed some bugs for Queen Chrysalis
  • Added initial support for Facebook Business Manager
  • Added support for the new Games/App Center
  • Better support for the new page timeline design
  • Better support for other Facebook extensions
  • Better multi-language support, including British English :P

    Comparison between English (US) and English (UK)

  • Some visual polish

  • A new update successful message appears when you open Ponyhoof Options right after an update.

    Update successful message

  • The “Disable HTML detection” option has been hidden, it limited functionality and users accidentally turn it on without understanding what it really does
  • The usual bug fixes and performance improvements

There was some discussion about the categorization of some ponies, and after some deliberation and some visits to other fan sites, I have not decided in moving Lightning Dust, Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon to the Antagonists list yet. However, Iron Will has been taken off the list and moved to Others.

You might be wondering why it’s mostly all about changing the look of Ponyhoof Options and there are no additions for Rainbow Power or the Season 4 ponies. It’s all about the big changes under-the-hood, and I would also like to revamp the theme management internals as well. (Putting two major code changes in a single update is a bad idea :P)

The appearance options we have today only change the news feed image at the right and it is quite limited, but with the new system I’m planning, more dramatic changes such as changing the cutie mark is possible. This would be used for Rainbow Power, we do have the pony images already, but we decided that a simple image change (like what we did for other appearances) isn’t going to be enough.


  • If you cannot update Ponyhoof on Chrome, then please make sure your Chrome is up-to-date. The Chrome Web Store is beginning to block old versions of Chrome, this is something that we cannot control.
  • We will most likely not release a separate edition for old versions of Chrome, as you’ll have trouble installing other extensions such as Adblock anyway.

Thanks for the response to our sneak peek a few days ago! (y)

Here’s what the rest of the list looks like :)

We need your help in categorizing the list, check out our main page and discuss!

Here’s a sneak peek into what we’re working on next for Ponyhoof…


so i was literary just on Facebook with the Ponyhoof settings and this happened


Shocking! :O

The moment when you realize that Season 4 is about to end.

(Tumblr busted this GIF from animating >_> )

Want to annoy your friends? Facebook now accepts animated GIFs in chat for some lucky people*… yeah…

Find a link to a .gif file, paste it into chat, wait for the image preview to show and then send!

And no, I don’t know why they thought this is a good idea :P

(Video version)

* If you or your friend is not lucky, then no animation occurs, boo!